MEDA302 Wk7…8…& 9: How’s the project going?

So we continue to iterate. And iterate. But was I actually accomplishing anything?

Well, I actually had a breakthrough on the last hour on week 9. The previous two weeks were simply research and the creation of political memes. I had gotten a bit sick of seeing Trump post about some seemingly unimportant things, and also the game of “Who’s Nuclear missile phallus is bigger?” between he and Kim Jong Un.

I was also getting a little sick of things a bit closer to home, like how conditions on detention centers seems to only be getting worse, and care seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

It made me think; Do the dumb little memes I’m making make a statement more than “You’re dumb!”? And the answer, unfortunately was a “Yeah, uh… Probably not.”

So what do I do about this? Do I keep going down the meme road, and just make political statements, but credit them to the Philosoraptor?

Philosoraptor 14112017014442

So I decided instead that research would be important. Making a statement beyond memes. But what? Sure, memes are dumb, but what do we do with that information? And does it effect us at all?


That’s when I had my breakthrough. I did a quick google, and spent an hour looking at mortality rates. One really stuck out to me. “Deaths from preventable diseases.”

I did a bunch of maths which lead me to a really sobering statistic.
Approximately every ten seconds, someone dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.

What? Every ten seconds! and it’s preventable!!! It actually blew my mind that it’s so preventable.
And so, next week the plan is to somehow find a way of representing that.


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