MEDA302 Wk6: I made a meme. *Sigh*

So this week, we presented a little bit of what we’ve been working on.
I’ve been making a dirty, filthy meme. A prank video, even. Though it’s more of a prank on the viewers than on someone else. But still, how I have sunken.

On my last post I spoke about my influences, and how they make excellent content, and in my first post I was talking about how prank videos take away from the feel that content creators on the internet should have…

It feels like a bit of a sell out, but to be honest, it was fun to make. It was fun to edit, and film, and then it was fun to watch peoples reactions as they realised what was going on.

I also really enjoyed seeing it next to other peoples works (although, it didn’t look as great as I wanted it to. Damn you, Qumi! Changing my aspect ratio that I worked so hard on)
It had a nice juxtaposition being next to some of the other artworks, like Meg’s glass paintings. Both were art that people had worked hard to produce, yet they had completely different aesthetics and meanings. The contrast was exactly what I had hoped for, and this wasn’t lost on my audience either.

And yet, despite all these positives, it still felt a little bit like selling out. Yes people enjoyed my work, but what did it all mean? Was it just funny to see a Youtube (or well, it was better formatted for Facebook) video in a gallery setting? Maybe that’s all it was. But is that all it should be?

Anyway, here’s the video for anyone interested.



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