MEDA302 Wk5: Hugh, What, When, Where, Why, How?

This week, I think the most productive thing to do to get me on the right track is to answer the questions the seminars ask. So, here goes:

What questions do you explore/ask as a function of your practice and how? (Art/Media)
-I think what I’m most interested in is how my audience will respond. I want them to think, to enjoy and to get more than just a simple affect response. I like engagement, which I think is why I tend to lean towards video and/or interactive works.

What key influences, mentors, or peers inform your practice? (what questions does their work ask/explore?) (Context)
-I love internet content creators. Key influences to my work (or at least, the work I wish I was doing) are people like Roosterteeth, Tomska (who I mentioned in my first blog) and more recently Sugar Pine 7. I’m not sure I have any actual mentors in my practice, but I have a few peers who I like to learn from, both in uni and out.
What set of ideas/theories do you work with, are your interested in working with, or which inform your practice? (Theory/Philosophy)
-A lot of the work I’ve done that’s actually showcasable is to do with my church, and they’ve been commissioned videos to do with concepts that we’re exploring over coming weeks. As such, a lot of my previous work has a lot of with religious themes, or socieo-political aspects. I’ll link some of those at the end for reference.
What aspects of craft do these experiments require, or which you have developed while engaged in this practice? (Your skills)
-I fancy myself a decent camera user, and am also pretty good at editing. I’m breaking more into my own style now, and really trying my best to imitate what I like without simply copying it. That’s probably the hardest challenge so far.





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