MEDA302 Wk4: Excursion… Right?

So this week we went on an excursion!

Or at least, they went on an excursion. I had stuff to do in the afternoon and wasn’t able to make it to Sydney and back with reasonable time.
But I have been working on my project!

I think it would be a funny, tongue-in-cheek kind of thing to have memes present in a gallery space. So I think that’s what I’ll do.
I hate that Youtube is stupid, and that the algorithms for trending and recommended are so broken and skewed that they choose to present only the things that they want to, and in essence, they stifle that of those they deem less monetarily viable.

In the same way, I think that sections of art like video games, internet content creators and the like don’t get enough recognition as artists, and so my work will be a kind of protests against that.
The idea is still a work in process, a draft if you will, but I’ll expand on that in the coming weeks.


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