MEDA302 Wk3: Working.

This week we had a special guest, Warren Leung. He told us about his practice and encouraged us to continue to work, and figure out what made our practice special. At this stage, I’m actually struggling to nail down what exactly my practice is.

I’ve taken photographs, but am I a photographer? I’ve filmed various videos, so am I a videographer, a cameraman, a director?
It really was quite a confronting question, and one that I didn’t expect to be so difficult.

What’s going to make it more so is that we have an assignment where we have to define our practice, and basically try to sell ourselves. I think over my uni course, I’ve really struggled to pin down exactly what it is that I do, and what it is that I want to do.


On that note, I really want to make this major project something that I actually like and want to do. Looking back on Jasmine, Jane and Maya’s work from last semester, I really enjoy how proud of their work they are.

I want to feel that same level of pride, knowing that what I’ve done is something that I’m passionate about, and something that I wont regret putting so much time and effort into.

And I want it to mean something.
So many times I’ve tried to fudge some deeper meaning into my work, but this time, I want to actually have that be a defining factor of the work itself, not some loosely related and tacked on for added effect.


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