MEDA302 Wk2: Everyday Apathy

This week we delved into looking at our major projects, how they’ll reflect futures and how we’ll represent ourselves in our works. So let’s look at that.

Once again, I chilled with Shaun. We continued to look at viral videos (in a useful way, I swear). We were looking at the question I posed in week 1: Why is a simple prank video able to outshine a quality produced piece of work?

Apparently it comes from the same place where horror movies find their groove. The “shock value” of a lot of these videos creates a similar emotive and physiological response as watching a scary movie. And this reaches almost all genres of prank videos, from the scary, killer clown videos to the “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe they just did that!” social cringe videos.
It’s the way we want to have fun and enjoy cruel things at the expense of others, without needing to put ourselves on the line.We can dissociate and just enjoy the “what ifs”, like “What if someone created a death maze” in the Saw franchise, or like “What if someone decided to go and kiss strangers on the street” like in some infamous Sam Pepper videos.

I want to try to coin a term to describe this; Everyday apathy. The state of not caring enough about other people, almost to the point of sadism, in that you derive pleasure from how little you care.

So how is my project going to reflect futures? Well, I think this everyday apathy phenomenon is actually just a precursor to what our future is going to be like, especially the content that is created on the internet.
I personally don’t want to be one of those content creators who prey off of everyday apathy, and so I hope that shows in my work.


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