MEDA302 Wk13: Crunchiest time, and goodbye.

So this marks the start of the end of my blog posts, as well as my UOW schooling. I probably wont be back for a masters, or another degree any time soon. But that’s just a sentiment. That’s not what this blog post is about.

Here it is! The last time I’ll formally write about this project until I print that cute little placard that sits next to it.

So, this week I set up my projector, plynth and ‘puter* (*Laptop. I needed another P word) and demonstrated how my work will work, and got some lovely feedback from my peers. I’ve decided upon a computer mouse as my trigger, after consulting the internet and discovering that big red buttons are approx. $50. I don’t have that kind of money, so my mouse shall suffice! MVP, anyone?
So, the timer starts, and after a minute, the memes also start. If you click, the memes disappear, and the timer greets you again, but another, invisible timer starts ticking, and that’s the “show memes again” timer. Every time you click, there’s not visual response, but that 60 second timer is re set.

What I noticed was peers would click the button as prompted (“Click to Focus” is what the mouse reads) and the be like “Oooh! Something happened!”. They’d then click again, to no response. Click a few more times, still nothing, get bored and move on.
That’s when those malicious memes strike again.

The message here is that we are so interested in something important when we first see it. But then, we get used to it.
not to dampen the mood, but the very recent Las Vegas shooting reminded me of this.
I saw outcries to gun control. I read as people poured out their hearts talking about how to survive these atrocious acts.

And then I saw jokes about it.
I saw people forget about it.
I saw another mass shooting…

I still believe youtube prank videos are dumb. I still believe memes are stupid, and distract us from reality.
And I’m really hoping that my work makes us think about how we use our time. Do we waste it? Do we become so apathetic that we laugh at mass shooting jokes?

I dunno. I’m not sure if my work is going to impact the world.

But it’s definitely impacted me, and honestly, that’s more than I though I’d ever get out of an art project.


Thank you.

P.s. Here’s my code that’s been borrowed from a bunch of places, and slightly changed. Enjoy!

PFont font;
String time = “000”;
int initialTime;
int interval = 1000;
int fontSize;

void setup()
size(3000, 2080);
fontSize = 400;
font = createFont(“Arial”, fontSize);
initialTime = millis();

void draw()

// if current time minus lastStored bigger than interval
if (millis() – initialTime > interval){

// increment time as an int and back to string again
time = nf(int(time) + 1, 3);

// reset counter
initialTime = millis();

// just cosmetic using the counter …
if (int(time) % 10 != 0) {
fill(170, 100, 100);

ellipse(width/2, height/2, 1200, 1200);

ellipse(width/2, height/2, 1000, 1000);


//display time
text(time, width/2 – textWidth(time)/2, height/2 + fontSize/2.8 );


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