MEDA302 Wk12: Crunchier Time!

So this week I was able to have my work be projected for the first time! Good timing, considering we have one week left after this.

It looked awesome on the big screen, although I had to use my laptop as the trigger. I’m thinking of buying a big red button to press, and having the memes come up as a screen saver. You have to press the big red button to get rid of the distractions and see the timer, giving you the information of how many people have died of preventable diseases since the timer started.

Discussing this with Mat, we found it interesting how obsequious the timer aspect is. It doesn’t have any specific origin point, it’s simply from when I press go. And yet, people are still dying. That impact is something I’ve tried to have apparent, as the counter is still counting, even when the screensaver is on.

And yes, I know, I should maybe kill the darling which is memes. Is it necessary that it be memes which distract from the timer? No. But I needed something, and I had spent a lot of time with them. These darlings get to stay.

So my to do list before next week:
1. Find a big red button, or somthing that’ll work as it.
2. Make more memes!


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