MEDA302 Wk10: You tha real MVP!

This week was one of the most frustrating. I spent about three hours trying to get a freaking code to work in processing, and it just barely does kind of what I want it to. It’s going to work, but in a different way, slightly. Ah well, as we learnt this week, kill your darlings!

But on that train of through, we also discussed creating a MVP. No, we’re not electing the best in the class to represent us. We’re talking about a minimal viable product. What is the bare minimum project that we can make which still meets all (read: Most) of the goals that we want for our product at the end. We need to kill our darlings; Those little, cute ideas that we think are really cool, but are holding our works back from the potential to shine and causing it instead to look like a jumbled mess of small cool ideas, instead of one powerful message.

This, for me is difficult. Everywhere I look I see inspiration and think “Yes! I could incorporate that into my work!”
The same thing happens when I plan Dungeons and Dragons sessions. I listen to podcasts, talk to my friends and get so many ideas, but I need to remember that a story and campaign works better when it is focused and prepared well, not spread thin over a bunch of little details. Don’t get me wrong; Little details are awesome, and can add flair, but I think that’s only when they meld well with the main focus.

As such, I’ve pulled the plug on my videos. They were fun, but ultimately I feel they distract too heavily from the message I want, and they’re also harder to fit into my MVP. Sorry videos. You’ll live forever in my hard drive, and uploaded to the Unlisted section of my Youtube channel.


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