Asian Food Revisited: Is it as simple as that?

Digital Asia

In my previous post, I was looking into food and how it has influenced my life. In this blog, I’ll be analysing my previous blog post to see how well I properly understand Asian food culture; Spoilers. It’s not very much.
It’s interesting that despite my cultural upbringing, with an open minded mother (at the very least about food), that I have so many dishes that I haven’t tried, or dislike for some reason or another. I noted that my girlfriend described me as picky, but just the other week when we were out with friends for dinner, I was able to back up all my reasons for disliking certain foods. The truths for me in regards to liking food weren’t found in research, but an individual sense experienced when eating those foods.

“… scholars began illustrating how the “facts” and “truths” scientists “found” were inextricably tied to the vocabularies and…

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