This week was not the most productive. A busy week lead to stress, which lead to forgetfulness and as such, I failed to bring in any jars. As I was not the only one, this meant that Jade was the only one to bring in jars, meaning we had three. Well, four and a cup, once we scavenged from the kitchen.

The group has decided to project organs onto the jars to give it a laboratory feel. We decided to use fruit as placeholders, kind of like our mannequin head from last week.
To be honest, this week was kind of a bust. The projections didn’t really work well and the jars didn’t hold the image well. We tried experimenting with water, and then paper, but it didn’t really work because the glass of the jar distorted the image. Again, we included projected video and sound, similar to last week.

During our discussion Mat suggested that we should use less transparent projecting subjects, such as milk. He also questioned why we didn’t just use real organs, and I expressed that I felt the project was about projection more than it was about the laboratory feel. Our theme had been light based the whole time, and that was something that I felt we should continue.

Due to this, we looked a little bit at bringing life to the lifeless, in a similar was to our heart projected on a potato. We decided to continue to attempt to project life onto other objects in our next project.


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