MEDA WK 8 – Face Projection

This week we (Jade, Izel Isabelle and myself) continued to work well as a group, working to continue our process of projection and face hacking.

We continued our working with projectors, and Jade brought in a mannequin head for us to project onto. We did our best to match the faces onto the head, with varying degrees of success. We had a rotation of six heads from various sources. We included moving and still images, and each head had a backing track associated to it (for example the Pirates of the Caribbean theme for Johnny Depp and mechanical noises for the robot head). By far the face which worked the best was the robot head. It fit the general shape of the head well, and we managed to align the eyes, nose and mouth really well. Even those which didn’t fit the shape well (like The Hulk’s) worked well in terms of providing humor and life to the work.

We still have a long ways to go to come to the level of our inspiration:


There was a bit of disparity in the work loads this week, as it felt like Jade and I contributed more than the others, as the struggled to get on board with the ideas and workings. We also had an extra addition to our group, Matt.

We also continued to collaborate on a theme, which we previously had not looked at. During our class discussion, Mat suggested that perhaps a face isn’t what we want to map onto, due to technology constraints. We then discussed and developed the idea to project onto jars filled with water, which we decided to do next week.


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