MEDA WK 7 – Projection and Shadow Play

Beginning in week 7, Izel, Isabelle, Jade and myself began to work on some interactive projection based works.

Our first concept was to look into projection mapping and shadow work. The group decided to make two elements to feature this week; A multiple light source work which focused on shadows, and a projection based work which I was more a part of. Both of the works were a re imagining of Olafur Eliasson’s Your Uncertain Shadows.

In the project that I helped work on, we aimed to showcase a prototype of a potential future project. Eliasson’s work uses the person’s shadow as the projecting device. As the person cuts off the light, the shadow changes and the image is different. We decided to make a video in Premier which had a silhouette in the middle, representing a person walking in front. The aim was that we would use sensors to track the persons movement. Then, as they walked across the projection screen, they would remain in shadow, but the background would continue to have trippy colorful fractals. In a way, it is a reversal of Eliasson’s work.

We also made the silhouette that of The Incredible Hulk’s, just for a bit of flair.


  • Our group will need to research how to use arduino and sensors if we wish to continue this path
  • Editing from the projector is best, as it allows us to check and change on the fly easier
  • The colours were clearer in the projection work, but the shadows were more effective in the light based work
  • The group worked well together. We decided what we wanted to do, did it, and discussed it really well.


Jade suggested that next week she brings in a mannequin head to project onto, and we as a group agreed that that’s a good step forward.


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