During this last week I took a large step forward toward the end of my project. I collated a number of items from my childhood/teenage years, and set them up to form the silhouette of a city being attacked by a Godzilla style creature.


This multi-layered shadow play work used a forced perspective to create an image. It’s a culmination of the themes and processes used throughout my group and solo experimentation. From looking at how shadows interact in the first week, how the placement of objects effects the pattern of light in the second week and third week, the impact that shadows can have on how we view objects from the fourth week, bringing still objects to life/giving them new life and meaning from the fifth week, and the solo look and jamming of using silhouettes of city skylines to tell a story from the sixth week.

Feedback from this work was that the addition of interactivity or movement would help to cement the idea of play even further into the work. As such, I will be attempting to add a secondary light source which can move, to add an additional perspective.
The main aim of this project is to show how the perspective of someone playing is different to how the act of playing looks.
For example, a child playing with Lego creates their own world, even beyond what the blocks visually represent.
Often a person playing video games creature a further story in their head from what simply appears on screen.
Each of these and more are represented in the work by old school game cartridges, Lego blocks and toys, and other collated pieces from my personal growing up.

The final element that my project requires is that moving light source, which will be added through something like a train set, or anything that the audience can move to shift the perspective.


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