This week the group continued to work in the same space and bounce ideas off of each other, but Jade and myself worked on separate ideas, while Izel and Isabelle worked together. Matt was absent again.

For this week I brought in a collection of items which I believed could help me with shadow play. These items included a roll of five cent coins, a container of mints, and other round, thin objects. Using these and a light, I constructed a silhouette of a city skyline. This week was a smaller scale project, but it felt more fulfilling than the past few weeks. I was not particularly fond of the groups ideas to use real organs, as I was more keen to work with light and see what we could do with it.
I was inspired in part by the popular web hoax “The Demon on the Hospital Bed”.
This is an image which appears to be a dark figure dancing on top of a patients bed, as seen through an old monitor. The poster of this image claims that the person died a few hours after this.
This image is actually an optical illusion. The “demon” figure is actually a combination of a coat in the background, the patients leg, the guard rail of the bed and a few other objects placed around the room.
I worked with the idea of unreal objects in my cityscape, which is actually a series of different objects projected to look like buildings.

Initially, I constructed a small silhouette using only five cent pieces, however the scale for this was too small, so I expanded this and added other cylindrical pieces.

The feedback I got on this was mainly positive and I plan to continue this project in the coming weeks.


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