MEDA WK 10-11

I was absent in week 10 due to illness, however the group worked on light, using a single, swinging light to create animation. When I heard of this, it sounded really interesting and I decided to pursue it further in later weeks.

However for this week, the group decided that we should sit down and have a critical discussion on what we were doing. We felt that the group was unmotivated, and this was due in part to a lack of direction. We had kind of just been moving from one project to another, not really thinking as to why we should be doing what we’re doing. The group quickly dissolved as we began a mind mapping process, and all that remained were myself and Jade, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We, along with Mat, managed to discuss a lot of interesting topics of light and dark, death and life, reanimation and ethics, as well as many others.

-Our mind map topics-

Jade and I also made the difficult decision to split from the group. We felt that we were being restricted by the others, as well as restricting them from what they were more passionate about. As such, starting next week we will be working on our own projects.


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