The Pitch – MEDA301 wk6

Going off of last weeks research into Barry X Ball’s Perfect Form and how it appropriates Boccioni’s Unique Form, I would like to attempt to recreate an artwork using a different medium to the original. My pitch is a series of sculptures which take important parts of the original artworks and remove them.

For example, the Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, is quite well known for the fact that parts of the sculpture are lost; namely, the arms. Going in line with the satirical, parody, and absurdist line of research that I’ve been looking into, I plan to create a recreation of the Venus de Milo with one difference: Stick arms. I plan to give Alexandros’ great work arm reminiscent of a jolly, happy snowman.
This is just one idea out of what would hopefully be a series. Another could be taking Ball’s Perfect Form and de-perfecting it. Creating a sculpture that is intentionally flawed and dodgy. It could be made out of clay, paper mache or garbage. Venus, fixed.jpg
Doesn’t she look like she just wants a hug?

Either way, the point is to deconstruct why we take art so seriously. We hold “high art” in such an esteem, and value works greatly. in a similar vein to Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps The Experts, why can’t we as a society look at art as fun?

My aim is to have at least 4 sculptures/models, to have them be recognisable as being based off of the originals, and to elicit a humorous response from their audience. I will need to source materials (sticks, clay, etc.) and make them able to be transported with minimal risk (I’ve had issues in the past with transporting major works to and from where they were made, so this needs to be considered).

My hope is to bring a more light hearted feel to the end of the term. Tensions will be running high with assessments and exams, and so hopefully the work I undertake for this assignment will be able to counteract some of the negativity that this time of the year can bring.


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