Research – MEDA301 WK5

So, I love 3D printing. The concept of designing something on a computer and then having it printed out seems so futuristic and amazing. It’s this sort of technology that makes people feel as though they’re living in the future. I myself have indulged and had characters for Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed for me.


The thing that appeals to me is the accuracy of the printing and how what is displayed is the product presented.

One work at the MAAS was Barry X Ball’s Perfect Forms, which is a re-imagining of Umberto Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. In his work, Ball utilises a milling technique to mimic the forms in the original work, “perfecting” the fluidity of the original and questioning authorship. Using modern technology he improves upon the “imperfections” of the original. He also uses an arguably better material, trading out the brass for 24 karat gold.

Barry X Ball.jpg'Unique_Forms_of_Continuity_in_Space',_1913_bronze_by_Umberto_Boccioni.jpg

This has encouraged me to work on creating projects which are imitations/improvements of famous artworks. I believe I can work my theme of satire into creating artworks that mimic the original, but add an absurdist twist to them. There are examples of this throughout pop culture, from adding the Bat Signal to Van Gough’s Starry Night.

With this in mind, I think it would be great to recreate a statue/installation, but add a Banksy style twist, changing a few key elements to completely morph what the theme and context of the work is. I’ll do more research into what projects I want to emulate for next week and add them to my blog.

Some potential ideas at the moment would be to “de-perfect” Ball’s current sculptures, completing the loop and bringing them back down into the perfect imperfection where they originated. This could include potentially creating it out of garbage, as Ball upgraded Boccioni’s work from brass to gold.

Another is to completely upgrade Ball’s/Boccioni’s work by making it digital, completely recreating it in 3D and then, if possible, printing it out. The way this “perfects” the process is that the 3D render file is available for future use and will not become tarnished or old, but remain as data.



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