Define Your Practice/se – MEDA301 wk1

Welcome back to the blog. As part of my third year of MEDA I need to record my thoughts on my practice (Noun) and how I practice (verb). As such, I’m going to start by discussing satire.

Satire is a part of how I run my life, as well as a passion of mine throughout my practice within the Digital Media world. Etymology (The study of words, from the late Middle English: from Old French ethimologie, via Latin from Greek etumologia, from etumologos ‘student of etymology’, from etumon, neuter singular of etumos ‘true’) is also a passion of mine, so let’s break down where satire comes from, and what it means.

The Latin sature means a poetic medley and was directed at crude protest singers of the time. In the long history that has followed the death of Latin, not much has changed in the world of satire, and yet so much has. Satire is still often used for protest, but is also able to be used simply to point out the hilarity of often unhilarious circumstances.

I’ve had previous and ongoing projects that have involved varying degrees of satire, from my covert Pictures_Of_Leaves Instagram account, taking the piss on the like-whoring culture behind social media, to my overt Rain Clothes ad, which pokes fun at the over the top nature of infomercials.

The challenge which I pose to myself is to be non-trivial. Making fun of social media has been done. Almost anything has been done, which is why this is a challenge.

Expect another post this week.


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