Critical Reflection

Last week I presented a prototype of a project I have been working on. It was a Wondercabinet based idea, which also involved interactivity. The project was based off of puzzle rooms, interactive scenarios with a goal in mind that participants are invited to attempt to solve.

My project involved 3 boxes, each with a key and to open it, but the keys were strategically hidden among the contents of the table. Participants were invited to attempt to open the boxes. There were various items within the boxes which acted both as distractions and as curiosities to add a further sense of wonder to the project.


The prototype was quite a success, as people interacted in interesting and exciting ways. There was a visual look of relief and excitement when the correct key was found for a box. The only issue was that occasionally I was required to give instructions as participants did not realise that the boxes were linked, and they key to the second box could be found within the first box.


Furthermore, due to the nature of the boxes it required me to reset each of them after a participant was successful. The feedback I received from participants was that perhaps if I made more boxes and more scenarios, then that would help to alleviate this issue slightly.


However, a problem that arises from that is the cost. As a university student who works a casual job, I cannot afford to spend too much money on this. The three boxes I have already purchases cost Above $50, a number I would not spend lightly. Thus, adding more boxes to the installation would be detrimental to my person.


Therefore, to make my project better without spending too much/no extra money, I will be adding electrical components through the use of an Arduino. When the boxes are opened they will have various effects occur, like for example sound and lights, based upon themes that I will impose upon the boxes.


On that note, I will be attempting to add more of a thematic approach to the puzzle boxes. This will help with engagement as well as make the presentation more appealing to the audience.


Hopefully, with these in place my project will create a sense of wonder as well as pique the curiosity of the participants.


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