It’s today

Today is the submission and exhibition day for my major work. It’s been quite a battle, but it’s almost done.

So, what have I done so far? Well, I bought the canvasses, and tested out different markers till I found one that didn’t run with watercolours.


I ruled up grids on the canvases.


I then sought out an area to display them, and did so.


People gladly came up and followed the instructions, which was lovely.

20151025_214549     20151025_20593520151025_165515

The canvases were up for four days, with minimal issues on keeping them there (One of the admin people once took the Sharpies away out of fear that people may draw on my canvases {they didn’t really get the point}, but we sorted that out with only a small disruption to time).


And now they’re full and ready to hang in the gallery today and be painted on!

So hopefully this all goes to plan 🙂


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