So I’m doing a project.

The project is based on iteration and repetition and is allowed to be in basically any format that I see as applicable.

It’s very open.

Basically I’ve chosen to combine the aesthetic quality of the coding exercises with the appeal of a performance art.

So, the basic principle is a grid of 100 (or 200 or whatever looks the best) that are numbered chronologically.  There will be instructions next to the canvas that instruct people to use the provided sharpie to draw a shape that best describes their current emotional state. Allow people to do this until the grid is full.

Then, move to a different public space, with no knowledge of why the shapes were made. Have a set of coloured textas/paints available and instructions to pain a shape that reflects your current emotional state with a colour that also does so.

Screenshot (7)

That’s a mock up of basically what it’ll look like. (Perhaps I’ll limit it to round shapes only? Maybe no limits)

That’s the basic of it at the moment.


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