Cine Roman is a versatile media format which incorporates still images with audio to tell a story. It’s different from a conventional video, as movement in both story and frame is created not by physically moving, but by ulatising sound and still images to create that atmosphere. Comedy is a key element in this video, but Cine Roman videos can often be quite serious, as the style lends itself to allow breathtaking images coupled with specifically focused audio.
Timing is very important for comedy, and the jump-cut style of a Cine Roman video allows the comedic timing in the audio to be pinpoint followed or preceded by an associated image. This video shows the struggle of creating a video, from conception of the idea through to its completion, as well as many of the distractions that can come with this. The idea progressed from real life stresses which are well associated with creating projects with a deadline. This stress is used to progress the story, as well as allow the protagonist some self reflection at the end, and this demonstrates how Cine-Roman is an incredibly useful format for storytelling, however it can also be applied to more abstract art pieces.


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