Well… Here it is.

My long awaited first project. Yes, it’s a little abstract, and no, that’s not usually what I do. But hey, why not try something new?

“People are amazing at conforming. We’re given a schedule, so we follow it. We get given a task, we do it, as long as we’re given motivation. That motivation can be intrinsic, coming from inside ourselves, or extrinsic, coming from others. I’ve tried to tap into that in my piece through multiple repeated sounds. The eerie vibe that is given off is to accentuate the way our habits can subtly control our lives. I’ve used audio from StormCloudsGathering’s YouTube video, The Psychology of Authority, as he describes our tendency to follow those who appear to be in a position of authority, even when it is against our beliefs and values.”

This is part of my MEDA101 class.


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